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Dear Ladies -

As we embark on what will be the 60
th anniversary of Welcome to Washington Club, we continue with the same goal, Friendship through Understanding….Understanding through Friendship. Even with such fast paced lives this organization encourages each of us to take the time to get to know other members through a variety of activities, without the pressures of fundraising. This club is a truly social one, that is also highly informative and entertaining and is what I feel is a guilty pleasure. To have the opportunity to develop friendships with women from all over the world, united in spirit is what makes our beloved club so special.

We offer so many ways to get involved, through numerous Interest Groups exploring the arts, literature, culture, languages, travel, history and the universal language that is cuisine. Smaller Informal Activities permit studies and exchanges in more intimate settings and explore literature, music, health, and dining. The varied language groups give members the chance to meet regularly and converse.

Our club continues to thrive, through the incredible talents of the members who volunteer their time. Please contact us for more information on how to join us. Welcome to Washington is truly a gem in the Washington area. Come shine with us.


Susan Hayes Long