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Dear Ladies,


"A woman is like a tea bag - you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water."
                                                                            -- Eleanor Roosevelt


And oh, what lovely flavors of tea the women in this unique Club are!


The bonds of friendship between women of all cultures have held this Club together for more than 60 years.  Times have changed through these decades, but the spirit and vision of the Club remain intact. 


Each member of our Club is a force of nature within their own spheres.  Within our Club sphere, we are FRIENDS.  We learn about each other – what brings us joy, what we love to learn, what our challenges are within our families, communities, broader cultures.  Through this openness, we develop deep and lasting friendships around the world, wherever life takes us.  Our Club is full of smiles as we engage in our interests together.  We are also full of care when times demand it.


I see this in practice during the extraordinary times we are living through together.  Friendship doesn’t miss a beat even when circumstances change.  It just adapts and develops into something new to cherish.  As with tea leaves and flowers unfurling in hot water, so am I witnessing our flavors blossom and blend as we steep. 


Come and join this treasured community of women from around the world and add to its unique flavor.

Jenny Crabbe